How can you improve your security?

We are more than happy to come round and give you a free security check, below are some of the main things you should think about. Protect your family, protect your house and protect your belongings.

Ensure your doors and windows are functioning correctly. Lock all doors and windows when you are not home. Be careful which down stairs windows you leave open when you are in. During the day it is easy to see straight through an open window, you could be at the bottom of your garden. This is when a burglar could get in, take what they can carry and get out fast.

Close your window dressing just before dusk, you do not want a burglar to be looking in and see what you have.

Don’t leave your bins out the front, burglars use them as a ladder. Try to put your bin away ASAP after bin collection.

Let your neighbours and post man know that you are away and ask them to ensure your post is all the way through your letterbox. Why not add ‘No junk mail’ sign. Don’t let strangers work out that your away.

Install motion lights, at the front, side and rear of your home. Burglars do not want to be seen.

Add trellising to the top of any walls, fences or gates. This will raise your boundary and deter any burglars from coming over them. Burglars will go for easy options every time. Trellising is not an easy option, this will make them think twice.

Keep your garden well maintained. don’t give a burglar any where to hide behind. Try to keep shrubs below 3 feet high. Why not have very thorny bushes below your windows; this will deter anyone from getting close and looking in. Don’t leave anything laying around that would attract a burglar.

The best form of security is an alarm, consider having one fitted.

What about a CCTV system. Smile Mr Burglar. You can get an App on your mobile and see what is going on.

Get to know your neighbours, especially the curtain twitchers. When you are out, you really want them to be watching your home too. Comedian Mickey Flanagan would be the best, as he can keep the peep.

Get to know the usual people who come to your door; the post man, the delivery guys, your neighbours. Don’t open your door to strangers. Speak to them through a closed door. They will be able to hear you. Don’t ignore the door bell or a knock, as a burglar will think nobody is home. Say who is it? No thank you. Good bye.

You can get plug timers very cheaply. Why not have a table lamp or two on a timer, that can come on and turn off at different times. Ideal when you are away to make it look like someone is home.

Always check ID for anyone that you are considering letting in. Remember only let in workmen that you have booked and checked their ID carefully, use the chain on your door. You can call the company and check who they have sent too.

If you have a dog or not, why not have a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign? This would make a burglar think twice.

Some of these options are free or cheap to do, why not get started on those first? You don’t have to spend a fortune to have better security.

Please remember, these are all deterrents. If a burglar does get in call 999 and get police assistance. Do not attempt to confront the burglar yourself, shout loud ‘get out – I’ve called the police’, this may be enough to scare them off.