Picking open a shutter lock
Hey, that's not the key for that lock. How did you open it!!!
Open ready to work.
Casino doors open and replace down facing mortice lock
Casino doors open and replace down facing mortice lock
Shutter up and the door is already open. Fantastic
I just slipped in
Nice wiring
Electric Shutter short circuit
Two mortice locks. Not keyed alike. Twice the work for me.
Pretty hinges. Shinny.
Bumped both locks open
Guys. Cheap locks are not the way to go. 3 Star locks are much safer.
Shutter locks out first
Shutter lock opened and dismantled. Now which switch is up and which switch is down.
Open a thumb turn lock
Open a thumb turn lock
Opened in a blink of an eye
Asec mortice lock decoded
2 mortise locks decoded
Two mortice locks and they weren't keyed alike. Clever shop owner, good security.
The door handle was already broken when I opened the shutter
Padlock and a night latch
Shut her up
Dimple lock falls open with a little tickle
Shut up
Riveting stuff
Adams rite picked
Shop lock picked
Adams rite picked open
Maglocks opened
Just press the button. Touch free. No need to press
Yes, another shutter. Up up and open
3 locks opened non-destructively
Master Padlock bumped
Mortice lock opened
How many red doors can we open today
Two red doors today
Opened non destructively
Back door is usually easier than the front door. Although, on this job I opened the window and climbed in. Then open the door from the inside.
A pub with lots and lots of protection against getting in, except this door...why!!!
Make sure you fit these locks well
I opened this lock non-destructively. All this damage was already there. 5 seconds to open correctly. Must have take ages to do all this damage.
Mag lock
Why use a key when you can use a screwdriver
Squires opened
Another Shutter Up
Bring your own electric to shut the shutter
Why was this built with a metal piece in the way.
Bumped open as it wouldn't slip. No damage caused by me.