Lock Insurance

‘Get you in’ insurance from just £6.99 per month

Most of us at one time or another have lost our keys or misplaced them. Left them at the in-laws, 4 hours back up the motorway, usually when this happens it is not practical to go back and get them due to time or work restraints. Occasionally a key can break too, leaving you out in the cold.

Getting you in, without any damage* when possible, allows you to get in and gain access to your spare keys. This gives you time for a friend or relative to post your keys back to you. It ensures minimum disruption to your day or evening.

We have the following plans:

Plan A – Just need to get in
‘get you in’ insurance for £6.99 per month.

Plan B – Replace a lock if you lose your key
‘get you in and a new lock’ for £9.99 per month.

Plan C – Replace 2 locks if you use 2 locks to secure your door
‘get you in and 2 new locks’ for £12.99 per month.

These plans are all for standard locks on a domestic property; cylinder or mortice locks. Specialist locks are not covered on this plan. Feel free to contact us for more information or to set up a plan.

*Not all locks are able to be opened non-destructively, some locks in poor condition will also pose a problem to open non-destructively. We are able to get into 95% of properties without damage. Should damage to your lock be required you will be informed beforehand. The only additional charge will be for the replacement lock. There are no hidden charges.